Is Paying Your New Car EMI a Burden? Here is the Coolest Option

Well, in India we know how difficult is to buy a car. Those heavy price tags, rising fuel prices, and most probably the upward notching maintenance bill, make the scenario worst for the sight of an average Joe. Out of these three derivatives only two of them are in our control, lest the fuel price is being handled by the government itself. Though right now we cannot do something about the maintenance bills, but there lies a cool option for those who cannot pay the EMIs of new car.

Hopefully, it is an initiative issued by OOH (Out-Of-Home) advertising company, who will pay EMIs on the Car for a period of 3 years, which the owner will have to pay EMIs for balance 2 years besides making 25% down payment on purchase of the car. In return, owner will carry their advertising in form of vinyl stickers on the exteriors which contribute 40-60% of the car, and those stickering will also prevent the vehicle from getting soiled.

The organization is targeting around 15,000 vehicles till this fiscal, with the initiative launch slated to happen in September. And the figures of 1,00,000 vehicles is slotted to be touched by next year or so.

Is Paying Your New Car EMI a Burden? Here is the Coolest Option
The only condition that OOH media is terming for this scheme is, the car should not cost over Rs. 6 lakh on-road, and must do about 1500kms every month if being placed in metros; whilst the one who stays in Tier II cities for them it is 1000-1200kms.

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