Jaguar F-Type AWD Revealed At 2014 LA Auto Show

Just as reported Jaguar has taken on a different route to sell its F-Type and build around a unique taste for the buyers with the manual transmission in the times when all the cars in that category comes loaded with automatic transmission. Another newbie to roll out at the Jaguar stand at 2014 LA Auto Show is the ‘AWD F-Type’ which will soon make way to the showrooms.

As reported, this car for the production will be available in two trims. One is the 550-horsepower F-Type R where the all-wheel drive traction will be a standard. Another is the mid-level trim dubbed as F-Type S model powered by V6 of 380hp; here, it poses as an optional feature. In the stock mode, F-Type sends all the traction to rear wheels where the same can be bifurcated into 50-50 on front and rear axles when needed.

Jaguar F-Type AWD Revealed At 2014 LA Auto Show

Though, prices aren’t known, but those opting to go for the AWD F-Type will be burdened with additional weight of 176 pounds.

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