Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) reveals its concept cars CX16, DC 100S and CX 75

The 2012 Delhi Auto Expo is already witnessing numerous launches in its very first day. Adding to the list is Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the luxury car maker from Britain. Defying market prediction that the auto maker is only bringing a single concept sports car, the CX16, to the New Delhi Expo, JLR has brought out two additional concept vehicles as well. Among this, the concept CX 75 has in itself the capability to surprise a lot of experts. Adding to this, the auto maker has also brought in the Defender Concept 100 Sports, the DC 100S in short, which has been gifted with a lot of exceptional features.

JLR Defender Concept in India

The car manufacturer from Britain has further claimed that the Defender is going to reflect high numbers in terms of fuel efficiency through the use of latest technology. The concept model has also been provided with some unique features that give a reflection of what the actual Defender is going to be like. The Defender has been competently serving the global markets for a long period of time but the latest philosophy of design used is going to make it overpower the erstwhile version in most factors. The elongated 100-inch wheelbase it carries does not quite reveal the special internal features of this SUV.

JLR Defender DC 100S

The latest Terrain-i technology that has been featured in this concept will give this SUV the power to be well ahead of its competitors, when the actual production version is launched. The technology gives the driver a warning beforehand on the obstacles that might be coming up, particularly when the vehicle moves through difficult terrain. A technological feature named ‘Wade Air Sonar’ in this concept SUV also enables it to easily pass through the water bodies. It also has a feature of Terrain Response that makes the vehicle perfect for diverse terrain conditions, be it on the road or off it.

Jaguar CX-16 Jaguar CX-75

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