Jharkhand Police Force gets 5 Tata Mine Protected Vehicles

Tata Motors seems to be assisting Jharkhand Police Force in terms of their preparedness against security threats in the state. The automaker has been reported to have delivered five Mine Protected Vehicles to the force ensuring high levels of mobility with combat survivability.

It was Mr. Gaurishankar Rath, Director General (Jharkhand Police), who received the vehicles form the automaker. The delivery was done in the presence of Jharkhand Police’s Additional Director General, Mr. Bibudhi Bushan Pradhanand Inspector General (Modernization and Provision, Jharkhand Police), Mr. Rajkumar K Mallick. JMA officials too were present at the venue. It was Head Government Sales JMA Stores, Mr. Mr. SanjeevSrivastava and Managing Director of JMA Stores, Mr. Dinesh Parik, who were present during the delivery.The handing over of the vehicles was done by Tata Motors Head of Defence Sales, Mr. Sandeep Saigal.

Tata Motors’ Defence& Government Business Vice President, Mr. Vernon Noronha stated that Tata Motors Defence Solutions covers the complete range of logistics and armoured vehicles that have been popular in supporting the police and paramilitary forces across the country. He added that the Tata MPV will take protection of the Jharkhand Police to the next level, even against IED’s (Improvised Explosive Device) and anti-personnel mines. The automaker also received an impressive order of supplying 32 MPVs to the Maharashtra State Police.

Jharkhand Police Force gets 5 Tata Mine Protected Vehicles

The MPV has a base of modular flexibility that integrates with the V-shaped hull blast protection technology. The MPV is to give protection against ambushes, sudden violent attacks, powerful explosive mines and even heavy gunfire.

The automaker has extended its dealership and service network in the state, even in far flung inaccessible areas to take care of the requirements of the MPV, including spare parts and also providing additional benefits of AMC (Annual Maintenance Packages), thus ensuring maximum operational readiness & lower life-cycle maintenance cost to its defence vehicles.

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