Lamborghini Aventador And Gallardo For Indonesian Police

Lamborghini for the Police seems to be a fit of rage these days. Followed by the Dubai Police, the Indonesian Police is also rumoured to have been drawing the Italian supercars to the fleet of Police Department. Lamborghini Aventador and Gallardo, with livery of the nation’s policing assertiveness, are spotted displayed inside a shopping mall in Indonesia.

The Bigger Bull (Aventador) is seen sporting white-blue with red stripes, while the Gallardo is painted in matte black with yellow stripes.

Hopefully, no confirmation is lent about these vehicles plying on the roads soon.

And if going by some of the sources in industry, it said, the police livery painted Gallardo was doing the rounds of web since past one year.

Lamborghini Aventador And Gallardo For Indonesian Police

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