Lamborghini Aventador is Now Being Made in China

We are very familiar with the news that China is better in propositioning the all famous names with their respective copies and now it seems they hadn’t stopped yet. The latest news that we had got is Lamborghini Aventador V12 aspirated too is copied by Chinese in their homeland. The image that one can see over here is of the same and is captured in the city of Neijiang, Southeastern China. Purple color skin is tentative, but it still not sporting a Lambo logo on it.

Though whatever the logo has to do with the brand image, but we shall praise Chinese for the words that they had made a super Italian bug available for the commons too!

Well, we don’t know the engine specifications, we doubt they may have deployed the sort of V series powerplant, because there it is not a big thing for them to do it so. Hence, one can also make the interiors as per to their choices, and can be speculated engine is fragmented in front rather than rear. So if anyone had the details or videos about it, they can contact to us via our comment section, we will revert to them shortly.

Lamborghini Aventador

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