This is how the Mercedes Benz Training Academy Teaches Drifting: Watch Video

The driving academy of Mercedes Benz is established for learning the best ever driving course of a car, and also how to get the best of control of it when having some of the most extreme time on tarmacs. Well, still you think that’s the only factual course MB driving academy offers, then think again.

The guys at the academy are excellent at doing drifts and this respective ‘quality’ they had portrayed in a recently released video. One can go pumping the adrenaline rush on roads if he is taught the same technique in the institution. Hence, now you don’t think over it again, but just see the video and sets yourself racing at the fast track, only in your dreams and not in reality instead. Therefore, we hope now your doubt is cleared, “Mercedes Benz is not teaching the Drifting at its driving Academy at all”.

And in the end of video too it is published that don’t try this stuff outside, as it is performed by the professionals on a closed track under the hoods of an astonishing 500hp engine. So there is still a chance one can make up with the professionals of MB driving Academy and can get the access to that restricted tarmac, well we’re just kidding again!

Mercedes Benz

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