Lamborghini small car to be launched

Lamborghini are famous for their supercars and hyper cars. However news has percolated now that Lamborghini are planning to launch a small car on the lines of the Aston Martin Cygnet. This new car is based on the same platform as the mother company’s Volkswagen Up! It is being floated around that though this car looks a concept as of now, by April 2012, this car would debut as a production version. This car is an inspiration from the Lamborghini Aventador. Director of Special Engineering Services of Lamborghini, Robert Buffone, said that he wants their car to be the best amongst all small hatchbacks and also that this car should be what one should call as a hot hatch with performance similar to sedans.

The new hatchback would get an engine capacity of 2.2 liter and as Buffone said, would have the same stroke and bore as the Aventador’s engine. Now, that is some food for thought. Since we are taking about engine here, this mid mounted engine would be using 4 turbos and will kick out in excess of 300 Bhp of power. As far as interior configurations go, it would be a genuine 4 seater. All its power hints at the new car being best accelerating hatch back in production. Buffone also said that this vehicle would weigh in only at 900 kgs and would be carrying scissor doors with it. Moreover, it would share most of its parts with the Aventador, Sesto Elemento and also the Gallardo. The entire gear system would be from the latter. Later on, a Superleggera version would also be offered. The reason why Lamborghini are now moving onto this path is because the European Union has been forcing all manufacturers to tread the green path. This new car would also boast of exceptional fuel efficiency figures as also CO2 emissions as low as 180 g/kms. This new unnamed car would also have a 4×4 configuration.

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