Lodgy Surpasses Mobilio In The First Month Of Launch: Innova & Ertiga Continue Domination

Renault India’s big name for the market is doing pretty well. It is better scaled when that MPV was pitted against the number of rivals. The Lodgy, in its first month of launch has taken over Honda Mobilio, leaving it scathed to look for something new to smooth the road.

For the month of April 2015, Renault rolled out 2032 units of the large MPV as against the paltry figure of 689 Honda. Reportedly, the month was proven a bad one for Honda, due to its own constraints in the production it didn’t managed to sell the max numbers of the model. Otherwise, in general condition, Mobilio rakes up to 2-3k units a month, which is quite satisfactory looking down to the market conditions. Thus, there was a juggle in the line of production of variants, which is why the Japanese carmaker lacked behind the French, where they managed to grab this chance and register better result on the sales sheet.

On another side of pond, Ertiga managed to whoop a decent figure of 4181 units, whereas Innova continues its offensiveness to onslaught others by its oppressive 5285 unit sales.

Lodgy Surpasses Mobilio In The First Month Of Launch

Hence, that was all to say about the sales of MPVs last month, but the interesting part is to see what this Renault MPV can do in the future where the Chevrolet is also trying to roll in the Spin MPV. And the figures it has cracked in the initial 30 days is rated below the good, and slightly above the poor, because the promotion and marketing strategies always end up in bringing good results to a new car, where they then settle for less in the coming days.

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