Mahindra e2o in India: Review

Mahindra e2o is nothing new but the reworked version of DC concept NXR which was truly made for the Mahindra itself. Though whatever the past maybe, e2o is standing to make future bright and more wisely it can be said about that ‘cost-effective’ as well, which Mahindra is very famous for.

Before divulging other details of e2o, it is better to understand that this is a non-fuel car so conclusion to be derived as per that itself.


On the outers, e2o is quite different than the previous DC blueprints and had also lost some oodles during the reworking process. Talking about the chassis, the tubular boxy chassis of high-strength plastic is used which embeds electric motor in the rear and the most important 48 volts Lithium Ion battery under front seats. Needless to say, body is completely made of high-quality plastic and the overall design feels a bit screwed up when fitting into tight corner spots and such. Meanwhile, this electric vehicle had passed the crash-test in Spain and had also dignified itself with 30 uncommon patents, so must say an actual masterpiece underneath. On an important note, it allows only four adult at a time but restricted the entry to two doors only which feels a bit tad while moving inside and moreover to that, one cannot slide down rear window glass. Thus sometimes sitting in e2o was gives feeling like of a fuss.

Mahindra e2o


Inside the cabin, plastic used by Mahindra is not of so high quality while it also cannot be termed as degraded. It stands affirm to the given price tag along with soothing roof liner.  One feels glitch when getting onto the rear seats but to conclusion it is very much roomier and spacious comparatively to our mindset of cramped spaces in such sort of automobiles. On comparison, front seats too are much cosseted by enhanced thigh support and other bits. Instrument cluster looks advanced and sophisticated due to digitalization. After all, a 6.2” touch screen interface is also engraved in central panel along with a couple of chrome stances, which can play music and DVDs without excluding navigations. Gear knob and pedals don’t tend to be out of the context.

Mahindra e2o Interior


On contrary, the electric motor defines 25.5 bhp and 53 Nm of torque at 3750 and 3400 RPMs respectively. It all goes to the top notch of 81 kmph being full charged for five hours to cover 100 kms stretch. One too can derive additional 10 kms before the battery actually dries up which is then followed by 15 minute quick charge for more 25 kms. By using Google maps, distance-to-empty is also shown in the touch screen display so that owners may plan their route accordingly.

Our impression behind the steering rim was quite good, as we don’t needed to push hard, settling ourselves comfortably on the paddle and gearlever shifts smoothly. Traffic plays spoilsport for e2o as it becomes heavier when is fully loaded; and at some time ‘B’ or ‘boost’ option on shifting lever cools of aggressiveness above 40 kmph, but below that there does not feel the need to scratch this much hard. MacPherson struts goes swift on the crumbles of Indian tarmac.

Mahindra e2o 2013


In our opinion, e2o is a cool buy for the new evolving times but it too had an exception like the electric charge which is tend to be still going in initial phase. One may not overlook those factors as our old conventional fuel gains some advantage as of.

EVs are not even successful in Europe and several other international boundaries so henceforth hydrogen fuel cell cars are gaining more space there itself. But given a price tag of Rs. 5.96 lakh (on road Delhi) e2o looks cool buy to stroll on the city streets and that too without shelling almost any bucks. Our suggestion still asks to take care when planning for a 100+ kms journey (inclusive of to and fro).


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Front    MacPherson strut, anti-roll bar
Rear    Non-independent, coil springs

Mahindra e2o Back View

Front    Discs
Rear    Drums
Tank size    Range: 100km (under test conditions) Battery: 48V Lithium-ion battery; 5 hours full charge

Price Range (in lakhs)*

Ex-showroom price    Rs 5.96 lakh (on-road, Delhi)

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