Mahindra Reva launches its ‘Ask’ Movement

Mahindra Reva, a subsidiary of the Mahindra group of Industries, have officially announced that it will be launching a special campaign which will be aimed at encouraging people to come up with the questions about a burning issue of our time and everything that arouses their curiosity. The campaign has been named as Ask Movement. The main theme behind the campaign is that the progress of a nation, society or even a small community can only be rationalized if people asks proper questions and seeks proper answers to it. The motto of the campaign is “Think and you will ask, ask and you will rise”.

It can be noted that the Ask Movement has been born out of the “Future of Mobility” vision from the Mahindra group. Future of Mobility was revealed a year ago in August 2012 by the chairman of the Mahindra group, Mr. Anand Mahindra. This aligned with the time of the inauguration of the new production plant at Bangalore for Mahindra Reva. The main theme of the vision is to come up with a special automotive ecosystem that mainly focuses on convenient, cleaner and cost effective vehicles for the customers around the world.

Mahindra Reva to launch Ask Movement
The Ask Movement also endorses the Mahindra group’s brand philosophy that says RISE. The brand philosophy of Mahindra has been the essence of many prior movements by the company including “Spark the Rise”, a movement that was mainly aimed at showing wider platform to the entrepreneurship among the people across the nation to bring in a positive change.

According to Founder and Chief of Strategy and Technology at Mahindra Reva, Mr. Chetan Maini, the main motive behind the movement is to allow and encourage the people to ask questions – the question that can guide them to remarkable and innovative ideas. This is the same spirit that guided the company to come up with its electric car Reva.

He further said that each of us has the curiosity and desire to ride on the positive change. At Mahindra Reva, company believes that asking questions is an integral part of their work. The people at Reva constantly ask themselves what they can do to achieve and redefine the future of mobility in coming years. He further added that Mahindra Reva E20 is the first step in that direction.

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