Watch the New TVC of Scorpio Straight From Director’s Cut

Mahindra is very much popular for making powerful SUVs, but if one had recognized, then the automaker too had delivered some prominent TVCs in recent times. To add more interesting factors on the new director’s cut, this Indian auto giant had tweeted (new) TVC of Scorpio before its official screening on television.

Clipping is shot in some James Bond style algorithm, and action starts off after the robbery of an antique yet heavily jeweled crown. Important part over here is that, Scorpio was shown doing some Nürburgring and then was returned to the original SUV avatar. While it can be concluded that a sports car is not always cool but a mean intruder can also do something ‘great’.

Watch Mahindra Scorpio's new TVC

Lastly, shocking moment for us was, when the Scorpio went on “trailing” that sports stud through all the rough patches and safely reaching its desired spot. It had left us dreaming about its so called hidden talent, but we say, do try the trailing part when you get your hands next time on the Scorpio, must see, if it is capable of doing that or not? After all, it is powered with AWD and an automatic transmission!

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