New Generation Honda Jazz to see Daylight at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Jazz was occupying the premium hatchback segment in class but due to falling figures it was rolled back from Indian shores. It can be said that, all this was happened due to the lack of diesel engine, because our market is flooded with those sort of technology and Honda couldn’t tend to stand as an exception. But gaining a good response in petrol, Honda too had identified opportunities for oil burning jags, and wasting no time, it had lined up several models for the upcoming years.

The recently unveiled Urban SUV (concept) and Civic Wagon Estate (concept) had created a stir in the fraternity; all credit goes to diesel options. Need not to disappoint, Honda too had saved Amaze with 1.5 liter EarthDreams diesel bonks for Indian market and the same 1.6 liter calculations is speculated for those upcoming newbies.

Just as of now, Car&Driver publication of Brazil had reported that Honda is going to launch 2014 Jazz at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show paddock.

New Honda Jazz
We Asians share a lot of things in common and so our automobiles. Talking about the new Jazz, it is learnt that, new vehicle will be roomier than its outgoing model but would measure only 3.96m in length; in short, India can derive the tax benefits of sub four meter cabins which is quite important for its market. However, extended wheelbase of 6cm doesn’t seem to be affecting the overall aerodynamics. One can say that, Honda’s ideology of ‘maximum men and minimum machine’ applies here as well.

2014 Jazz draws a lot of cues from the bespoken concepts, inclusive of exceptions like triangular reflector on rear bumpers. With more of aesthetics, subtle flowing lines, coupe resembling look, sharp yet fluidic stance etc. is screeched down from those previous conceptual works.

Japanese are very specific about their machines and so follows assorted type of strategy for different regions. In this case, it is expected for them to load new Jazz with petrol heads for others, but a diesel one for India. Brazilians may drive 1.4 liter and 1.5 liter flex motors with 101 hp and 106 hp respectively for their home market. While for us, the same 1.5 liter EarthDreams diesel from Amaze can be found in its engine bay.

Occasion of 2014 Diwali is posing subtle for 2014 Jazz but still can’t say what is going on in the carmaker’s mindset. It may launch sometimes sooner if found lucrative winds blowing across our fraternity.

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