Mahindra Reva ties up with Australian State of Victoria for R&D

Mahindra has always been setting a benchmark as one of the most revered brand names in the automobile industry of India. The electric car wing of the car has been appreciated and acknowledged as Mahindra Reva is one of the most economical electric cars that are rolling on the Indian roads at the moment. Mahindra is doing its best to promote the Reva and has always been enthusiastic about innovation.

Latest news to hit the stands is that apparently Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd had signed a bond of MoU with the Government of Victoria over the advancement of the research wing of the electric car department of the brand and therefore is now in alliance with many scientific institutions present in the Victoria state. As a result, they will now be researching more on the prospects of improving the quality of Reva and thus will give a more economical car to the people. Mahindra plans to improve its supply chain development wing in collaboration with institutions of Victoria state and thus by doing this, they can serve the customers well as this alliance has opened a platform for them to research on the betterment of the use of electricity for cars and thus soon they plan to launch a new variant of electric car which will totally substitute the Reva. Mahindra has a deep focus on the energy management and advanced vehicle technologies and thus have collaborated with LaTrobe University, Swinburne University and AutoCRC which happens to be the main research wing in the field of automobiles.

Mahindra Reva ties up with Australian State of Victoria for R&D

Mahindra released a statement following the press conference and said that electric cars were the next big thing in the market and very soon there will be more demand for electric cars than other cars and Mahindra is aiming to put the optimum economical mobility solutions to test by joining hands with these institutions and thus now Mahindra believes that they have got the perfect platform that they aspired for in order to promote research and development in the field of electric cars. On the other hand the Government of Victoria is also enthusiastic about the formation of this new alliance with Mahindra as they have been strongly promoting the use of electric cars and the facilitation of their research and development and all kinds of advancements since a long time now. The MoUs have been signed for a tentative period of two years and three years during which Mahindra will jointly be researching on the car and all the features and will accordingly be innovating electric cars.

Perfect solutions regarding the pressure of environment are being taken up and Mahindra aims to stay active in the production of electric cars as these are renewable sources of energy which can be used by mass of people and if the trend of electric cars is promoted in the right manner then a lot of energy can be saved so Mahindra is taking its step towards betterment of environment by being economical.

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