Maruti Suzuki Kicks of 7th Edition of its Dakshin Dare Rally

Maruti Suzuki has kicked off the 7th edition of its Dakshin Dare Rally from Orion Mall in Bangalore. This southern car rally will continue for a week and will end at Hyderabad on 8th August.

The rally has 105 teams consisting of 170 participants taking part in it and will travel more than 2000kms. The rally will traverse through regions of Davangere, Shimoga, Hampi, Gulbarga, Chitradurga and Bellary. More than 40 percent motorsport enthusiasts are expected to witness this rally.

The Dakshin Dare rally has been Maruti’s effort to provide offroad thrill to car lovers since 2009. In Dakshin Dare all participants will be tested for their skill, endurance and terrain handling capability. Participants will compete against each other in three different categories – Ultimate Car category, Ultimate Bike Category and Endure Category.

Maruti Suzuki Kicks of 7th Edition of its Dakshin Dare Rally

Except the Dakshin Dare, Maruti Suzuki has also conducted successful driving expeditions in the Himalayas as well as India’s Thar Desert. Through these events the company aims to forge a much closer relationship with its customers and bring them much closer to the Maruti family.

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