Maruti Suzuki Swift Range Extender Hybrid Spotted In India

Sometimes, the exciting yet curious images do come through the filter of our spies. The Suzuki Swift Range Extender which is a hybrid model of the standard Swift is found rolling down our local roads of Delhi. Reportedly, some called them to have been arrived in the nation for paying a visit to the FAME India Eco Drive 2015, for World Environment Day on June 5, 2015. Earlier, a source was also found claiming the same was spotted at 2015 International Green Mobility Expo in the national capital during March. However, the first glimpse of it was sought at Delhi Auto Expo 2014, where it seems the same car is making appearance across the events held throughout the year in India for promoting the electric or hybrid vehicles.

Now, talking about the business, we mean the drivetrain of Swift Range Extender, it came surprising the hatchback is powered by a 658cc, 3-cylinder petrol that sends an output of 73bhp. Coupled with the electric motor which is chargeable from any 200V socket and takes 1.5hrs to complete charge delivers the combined fuel-economy of 48.2kmpl, but when solely driven on the electric charge it cannot cross the range of 25.5kms. However, one will get to drive this car in three modes: parallel hybrid, series hybrid, and all-electric. The parallel hybrid mode makes the electric motor and petrol engine work equally, whereas in the hybrid parallel functioning gets slightly complicated. In this case, the engine is forced to power the battery as a generator, which in short means the electric power produced in this mode is due to the combustion of petrol.

Maruti Swift Range Extender Hybrid Spotted In India

Thus, being envisioned for the future, Swift Range Extender is housed with features like infotainment system, remote keyless entry, push start/stop and more. And with all these on-board the hatchback weighs 1600kg on scale.

Maruti Swift Range Extender Hybrid Spotted In India

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