Maruti Suzuki Wagon R facelift to hit the market next year

Maruti Suzuki is planning to give their ‘blue eyed boy’ a little facelift in a few months with the launch of limited edition of Wagon R Pro. There is a definite decrease in the sale of petrol cars and the car manufacturers are trying out all possible ways to increase the sale of petrol cars by offering the discounts, offering various finance schemes, freebies or even launching special models. The Wagon R seems to get similar treatment as the petrol cars are not going to have good sales over the last few months. Wagon R Pro is going to have better kit than the plain vanilla model.

There are some additional goodies in Wagon R Pro such as USB Double DIN audio system, 16 cm 4-way speakers, beige floor mats, beige and black colored upholstery and a car perfume. There is a difference in the outward appearance of the Wagon R Pro as it has body graphics, wheel covers, bumper protector molding and a roof-mounted spoiler and the monogram ‘ Pro’ on the lid of the boot. Wagon R Pro has the price tag of Rs.20,000 more than the standard trims like LX/LXi/VXi/Duo/LPG/CNG. Wagon R Pro offers its customers accessories worth Rs.30,000 even after giving a discount of Rs.10,000. The period of scheme is not known. It seems the company will try to sell as many MarutiWagon R it can as the ‘Pro’ monogram might change.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R facelift to hit the market next year

The most important news is that the Wagon R facelift will come in a few months and according to our sources Maruti Suzuki will provide some nips to its tallboy hatchback and ensures that it stays in the game. Not many changes are expected as the headlights and taillights may be redesigned and there might be some changes in the body work. What is needed in Wagon R is the 1.0 liter diesel engine as the all new i10 will hit the market by late 2013 with an economical power plant. The Wagon R facelift is expected in early 2013.

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