Volkswagen working on a compact crossover based on Polo

The designers and engineers are quite busy at Volkswagen working on the development of 2014 Polo. Well that’s old news but according to some sources, the latest news revelation suggests a compact SUV or crossover which would be based on the Polo platform. Along with the Polo based crossover, there are news of another such vehicle based on the Up! hatchback, but not much have been revealed yet.

The new 2014 Polo is ought to run on the MQB platform will be spawning the new crossover. In a proper term, we should not call it a Full-fledged SUV as it would be hiring gear of a hatchback with alterations made to tackle rough surfaces. However, it may be quite better than the Fabia Scout which is more of a visual adaptation of a SUV rather than a functional one. The new vehicle will be using double clutch DSG transmission, along with AWD configuration in top variants. There may be another flecked version with 2WD with a stick shifter.

Volkswagen working on a compact crossover based on Polo

The new Crossover will mostly compete against Renault Duster and Ford Ecosport in India. No official timeline has been given, but it is possible that it may follow 2014 Polo. But any exact info about the same will be available not before the middle of 2013.

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