Maruti to bring 1.0L and 1.4L diesel engines in India by late 2014

At present, the 1.3liter Fiat Multijet diesel is in the shining form due to its large number of acceptance here and as well as worldwide, but it is the rule of market that there “doesn’t” lies monopoly anywhere, and to be precise, it can been witnessed from the past experiences too. Lest of those management gyan, we are here to inform that talks in the industry are going about the import of diesel jags by Maruti in India, till the end of 2014, which may find various products to be in the list of being its applicant.

Taking the discussion on a bigger picture, recently launched Honda Amaze had eaten up the stir of Maruti and is also doing very well without even being turned out to roads, just like the Swift had did for its maker in the past. Honda’s 1.5L i-DTEC is now sounding best grunts on the efficiency factor, may be all the rivals in horizon are getting worried to core, and most probably Honda also enjoys the “King” type legacy in India, but for the Brio based sedan it had went down the line towards masses for making most of the sales happen, which was stated to be the most lucrative point of Maruti till date.

Maruti Suzuki Diesel Engines
Exclusive of those rivaling clutters, the 1.0 and 1.4 diesel cubic displacements will also pump in other benefits in the kitty of Maruti rather than elusive advantages over competitors.

As learnt, the agreement between Fiat and Maruti for multijet will come to an end by early 2015, so the end of 2014 will start pouring in engines on Indian shores to specifically plan the next step. Overall, the Indian automaker will also be ripped of the royalty fees that it pays to Italian automaker, as this diesel jags will hail from the factory of its parent company in Japan, and moreover the small metals namely Alto, A star etc to be bestowed with the same, which they were vying for a long time in their bays.

Hopefully, we call for the attention of makers who were cashing a lot on oil burners due to the absence of Maruti in that segment, “Beware the demon will be back soon”!

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