Maruti to Launch WagonR Stingray Edition in India

Most of the carmakers in India are not on so good platform, but they are dwindling with the note of crumbling sales figure which had resulted in roll out of special editions, attractive finance schemes and so on. To be factual yet, those inputs also doesn’t seems to be working best for them, and mind it Maruti is not an exception, so to make the temperament of better scenario, the Delhi based carmaker had planned to launch WagonR Stingray edition in India.

The word “Stingray” sounds new to Indians, but it was on the fame since last year in Japan, hence making the debut there Maruti had experienced a lot gain in its market share, which now compelling the organization to drag same clippings here too.

WagonR Stingray edition is an up market variant of the conventional WagonR and boasts tweaks like slimmer headlamps, front grille with bold chrome stances, improved and aggressive side profile, indulging tail lamps and many more. Need not to say, interiors too will be updated similarly for that premium overcoat.

Maruti WagonR Stingray

Speaking on anonymity for a media house in India, a spokesperson of Maruti said, “The trial production is on its way, launch should happen in the next few months. It would help the company to space out a new premium position for this car, along with its other offering to break away from the immensely crowded Indian small car market.”

When talking technical, expectations of the same 1000cc three cylinder K series petrol will go frugal under the hoods, and making way for some CNG or LPG variants in future if proven successful, but on contradiction to this bit, we suggest Maruti to lash out a cool diesel displacement which will yield better efficiency and assortment to the fuelled aspirations of mass Indian audience.

Maruti WagonR Stingray Interior

Well, it does seem, the Indian carmaker is catching up with spree of similar cues like that in its repertoire namely Swift Dzire (Regal), Zen Estilo Nlive Edition and many more, only with the cosmetic refinement instead of technical ones.

More importantly, the Stingray is scheduled to be quite pricier than the outgoing model, believing us to think twice before pouncing on that piece.

Maruti WagonR Stingray Back View

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