Mercedes-Benz India to increase product range by 2015

Mercedes-Benz India’s recent MB connect program turned out to be a huge success. The MB-connect program received an overwhelming response with 500 odd questions being posted through MB connect and social media websites. People participating in the program asked a gamut of questions, varying from upcoming Mercedes-Benz models to be launched in India to initiatives to be taken in the country by the automaker and its strategies to dominate the premium segment.

On the replying end was Mercedes-Benz India Sales & Marketing Director, DebashishMitra. In an hour session, he explained that Mercedes-Benz, being a serious automobile manufacturer, doesn’t rely and believe in cheap tricks and strategies for their sales. He added that it’s the technological, safety and design that accounts the fundamental strategy of the automaker. This statement can be justified by the 80% share of Daimler group in the car technological patents. Daimler group is the parent company of Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz India to increase product range by 2015

Mercedes, being a leader in premium car segment, puts a price tag of Rs.30 lakh and above on almost every model. The leadership of the automaker and brand value of its cars can be justified by the way the M Class model received response from customers in last 15 days of launch in India. The model is worth Rs.70 lakh. The company recorded sales of 150 cars in the first fortnight. The automaker induces advanced technologies in passive safety systems, which globally distinguish the carmaker from its competitors. Mr. Mitra quoted that Mercedes-Benz is the first luxury brand in India to complete 15 years of existence and have served mostly in the premium car segment. Replying to questions related to delay in increasing company’s product portfolio, Mitra said that the company is being reported to extend its range of models by 2015 to serve a larger pool of customers.

Mitra didn’t lag behind in responding to questions regarding company’s much awaited entry-level Sports Tourer, the B class. The model is expected to be launched sometime during the next quarter of the year. The car, priced below Rs.30 lakh, will showcase an entirely new designing concept along with 30% more fuel efficiency than other cars in the segment.

The Sales & Marketing Director made a good move by explaining the Mercedes-Benz personal lease policy. According to Mitra, under the personal lease policy, customer need notpay any candid amount to get himself a car. In fact, the customer can drive a Mercedes-Benz car home by just making a payment equivalent to month’s worth of lease. The company is speculated to host many other MB-connect-like programs in the country to judge the brand position of the carmaker in India.

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