Tanner Foust, Greg Tracy makes Hot Wheels double loop record

As per reports, Tanner Foust, the rally car driver, along with Hollywood stuntman Greg Tracy hit a fresh global record on Saturday when they rode two full-scale Hot Wheels cars via a 66 foot double-loop pathway in Los Angeles.

In a nerve-rackinggame, Foust and Tracy raced just about 53 miles per hour withstandinggravitational force and going through 7Gs via the 360-level double slope at X Games.

BothFoust and Tracy drove crosswise the orange paths’ length of two football turfs mocked up, with the assistance of technicians, researchers and stuntmen, after the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare toy.

Tanner Foust, Greg Tracy makes Hot Wheels double loop record

After finishing the race, Tracy stated, ”I notify you what, I’m at a loss for words. That was totally the most coolheaded thing I have ever practiced. It was a fistful trying to land it and get it loosened up. I knew Tanner was right behind me and I was just trusting we weren’t heading fortwist before we reached the end.”

The six-story twistdestroyed the preceding record, which was attained during September last year by Chinese driver Li Yatao.

On June 30, both Foust and Tracy had the identical G-force fighter jet pilots experience in flight, necessitatingdefinite training and approach for making it through.

At 2011’s Indianpolis 500, Foust also gained Hot Wheels a desiredglobal-record hitting distance jump.

Tracy, a well known stuntman in the Tinsel town, has been performing daring stunts for flicks and advertisements since the year 1991.

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