Mercedes Benz To Roll Out Traffic Alert System In India

Mercedes Benz is ready to launch a technology, which would permit tow vehicles to communicate.

In addition, the new technology would also allow communication between the driver as well as maker, a top executive of the German Luxury auto manufacturer stated.

“You obtain more and more connectivity between vehicles in addition to between maker and driver. We’re creating an incorporated structure named ‘My Mercedes’. This method offers all partakers utilizing an automobile an option to converse (with each other).

“There’ll be more and more communications about to happen,” Eberhard H Kern, MD and chief executive officer, Mercedes Benz India stated.

Eberhard also said that their Research and Development facility in the city of Bangalore would play a vital role in formulating the technology.

Mercedes Benz
As per a press release released earlier this month by Mercedes Benz, each and every car will be equipped with this latest communication system (Car-to-X), and it can pass on data on risks to other highway users and consequently contribute to increasing the road security.

Mercedes Benz passenger vehicles are capable of detecting a lot of these hazards automatically and without the driver being required to take any action.

For dangers that are not noticed automatically, a resourceful manual notification alternative has been set up.

After pressing a key, stationary cars or animals on tour, wrong-side drivers or shed loads can be apprised by the use of the Mercedes Cloud.

After that, this forwards a warning note to all cars equipped with this technology and are in the environs of the hazardous location.

“I can’t tell you the precise day when it will hit markets. But we can anticipate it in the coming time. There is a lot of progress happening and the company’s r&d centre in the city of Bangalore has a major stake in it.”

“We have over 1,200 programmers (in the R&D facility) and it is the major improvement of Mercedes Benz outside the German market,” Kern added when questioned about the possible execution of this equipment in the Indian market.

The technology will permit the substitution of data between individual cars in addition to between cars and the traffic network. Via the utilization of this technology, data on budding road traffic hazards can be transferred to vehicle riders at an early phase with the intention that they can take suitable action and even assist avoiding dangerous situations originating in the first place.

“With this data he has the choice of lining up his driving style and pace in such a manner that a hazardous condition does not even take place in the first place,” the release said.

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