Most Luxurious Land Rover Defender Ever Seen!

On seeing the Land Rove Defender one can form only a single thought that it is a complete militarily vehicle, rather some may also call it a mini tank, but they will not name it for a niche or household tag. Looking at the posted images we are sure you will definitely change your thoughts for the bespoken model platen at a very first stance.

It is the revamped version of Defender by Carisma Auto Design, they had done their exclusive job from inside, and not on the exteriors instead. Carisma had made this a fabulous cabin to be a perfect long traveling course. And we hope when the military officials will see this, they definitively would find it hard to refrain it from adding a one in their on-duty fleet.

In fact there is lot of options here to choose your preference of luxury inside the cabin. The package includes a list of multimedia options and a wide array of technical enhancements. One can get the Apple or Windows operating system on board for their appliances. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to stay connected all the time to the world even when you are out of your social habitat, and the tempting Bang & Olufsen equipments to soothe your ears at every point of time.

Land Rover Defender Luxurious
Commenting for this niche assessment, Sales and Marketing Director, Carisma Auto Design, Clive Drake said, “The Land Rover Defender is an iconic British vehicle with legendary off-road capability. One day a client came to me wanting a vehicle that had all of the capabilities of the Defender but with an interior ambience of a Range Rover with the feeling of pure exclusivity of a Rolls-Royce, the Carisma Auto Design conversion of the Defender was born.”

Land Rover Defender
So after seeing the images ‘deeply’, do let us know had you really seen this sorted luxurious Land Rover Defender anywhere before?

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