Mercedes-Benz unveils its best In-class facility in India at Bangalore

Mercedes-Benz R&D India (MBRDI) has announced the opening of its new facility near the Whitefield in Bangalore. The facility spreads over an area of 20,000 sq m with the capacity of over 1800 employees, making it’s the single largest facility of Mercedes-Benz outside its home Germany.

Member of Board of management, Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber said that MBRDI holds one of the most important places in the global research and development structure and with the introduction of the new facility it will be hiring talented Indian minds for their new research work. As a global worker, the importance of the MBRDI can be estimated from the fact that only in 2012 it filled over 50 patents for the innovations in the automotive development- an incredible testimonial for the MBRDI on its own. He further added that India holds high potential for the Mercedes vehicles and MBRDI will help to ensure than the development works are carried out as per the requirements of the market.

MBRDI has also hired some of the cutting edge projects from the Daimler like the company’s work in the Human Body Modeling system. The HBM which is currently in process of development and testing contains almost every possible situation that can combine accidental variables including biomechanics, behavior of human tissues accordance to the accidental statistics and the crush simulation physics. HBM is one of the key solutions for the accidents from the Daimler.

Mercedes-Benz unveils its best In-class facility in India at Bangalore

MBRDI has also been involved in many other key projects from the Daimler including the development of the components, parts and modules for the new generation cars from the Mercedes-Benz. The integral seats housed in the A Class and the seats of the new CLA are few of the examples of the MBRDI’s contribution towards the global Mercedes Platform.

Managing Director and CEO of MBRDI, Dr. Jens Cattarius said that Indian talents are known all over the world and the success lineup of the MBRDI provide the testimonial for the point. For a global organization it is always important to use local capabilities. And in reference to this point MBRDI plays a vital role in the global growth and innovation of the Mercedes. The MBRDI was started back in 1996 with just 10 employees but then it grew with a CAGR of 34 percent and now it hires about 1200 strong employee base. He further said that company is looking forward towards the robust growth in the Indian market and Indian talent pool will continue to play a dominant role in the coming time.


The new facility offers best in-class infrastructure and carries all scientists and researchers in a centralized location which is essential to catalyze the functional collaborations in short development cycle.

MBRDI has it’s headquarter in Bangalore where 90 percent of its entire workforce works. It also has a satellite office at Mercedes-Benz India facility in Pune.

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