MG Motor Launches ‘MG Reassure’ Across India: A New Pre-Owned Car Business Vertical

MG Motor Launches ‘MG Reassure’ Across India: A New Pre-Owned Car Business Vertical

MG Motor which entered the Indian Market in 2019 with its successful SUV has now come up with a new business. MG Motor India has introduced a new ‘MG Reassure’ pre-owned car business in India.

The new pre-owned or rather ‘pre-loved’ car unit as MG Motor like to call it, ensures all its cars receive the best residual value across all dealerships.

The MG Reassure unit will put each car through 160+ quality checks to ensure the best inspection standards. Each of them will also undergo a complete repair and maintenance program before being re-sold.

All cars will also undergo a methodical evaluation process, using technology to ensure the correct pricing at all times. MG Motor will allow its customers to sell and exchange their cars with new MG models, without any obligation as well.

MG Motor India claims that its vehicles currently demand the best resale values within the country. According to their reports from top car valuation engines, the residual value of an MG Hector after a year of usage is still in the 95% – 100% range. They also claim that Hector’s resale value is currently dominating the segment.

Customers looking at purchasing pre-owned MG cars are ensured to be offered only those models, which have passed through all the strict inspection checks and repairs. MG will also offer these customers with 3-year and unlimited kilometres warranty, along with roadside assistance and three free services as well. This makes it the best customer-centric offer in the industry for any authorized vehicle reseller in the country.

MG Motor India currently has three vehicles on sale in the country: Hector, ZS EV and Hector Plus. The brand is now working on introducing its premium Gloster SUV in the coming months as well.

The MG Pre-Owned car sales program ‘MG Reassure’ ensures customers get the best resale value out of their MG vehicles across all dealerships in India. Having the best resale value in the segment, MG Motor is working on keeping it that way with strict inspection and quality checks.

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