MSI Announces Queen of the Road Contest to Honor Women in India

At the present time, there are numerous women who are really interested in driving their own cars and thus Maruti Suzuki India has now launched an amazing offer for them in the form of double bonanza scheme for such daring ladies on the eve of international women’s day.

In order to honor the women, they have provided some alluring discount offers for women who are interested to enroll themselves for special genre of driving training at MDS.

Such alluring offers come to you with a significant amount of discount of 25% and for the ladies who already know how to drive aptly, they have launched the advanced training programs for only Rs.1000.

MSI Announces Queen of the Road Contest to Honor Women in India
The maruti family believed that if the woman in a family has been taught than indirectly the entire family has been taught and thus provides such alluring offers as well as discounts they want to enhance the self-esteem of women across the county.

The ‘Queen of the Road’ contest has also taken an amazing turn with so many participants coming up and signing with Maruti Suzuki. In order to enroll yourself, all you have to do is fill the online registration form during the month of March. After going through the various stages of selection, they will be selecting a winner from each zone in India and she will be awarded with the prize money of Rs.50,000 along with the title of “Queen of the road”.

While talking more regarding the said drive, Mr. Mahesh Rajoria, Chief General Manager, Maruti Suzuki stated that diving is certainly forms a part of women empowerment that provides a sense of self worth as well as self sufficiency.

The auto giant believes that women are taught to drive,they will ultimately teach the whole family. But, MDS have given training to approximately 1,40,000 women, this challenge is only aimed to attract more and more females, Mr. Mahesh Rajoria also said.

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