New cars for the year 2012 – Part 1

2011 has so far seen a boom in the number of launches and the best part is that they haven’t subsided yet. On the contrary, each and every manufacturer seems to be coming up with newer and newer models or iterations. The year 2012 doesn’t seem to be any stopper. Infact, it is more exciting and we have got here all the models lined up for the year 2012. So many launches are lined up that we had to literally divide the article into parts. Here is the first edition of the cars lined up for the year 2012.

Audi :

The German manufacturer has been seriously making inroads into the Indian car industry in the year 2011 and looks like the year 2012 would belong to Audi India. They have got no less than 6 cars lined up for the launch in 2012.

2012 Audi A4:

A nip and tuck is what can be expected for the 2012 Audi A4. Restyling of the bumpers, LED treatment for the head lamps a la A6 style and in the interiors, a new MMI system. For the petrol heads, there would be a new 3 liter V6 engine which would replace the earlier 3.2 liter FSI.

2012 Audi A4

2012 Audi Q3:

Each of Audi’s Q series SUVs looks like its bigger or smaller iteration. However, the Q3 would carry the badge of being the cheapest Audi on sale in India. However, our initial impressions of this SUV say that there is nothing cheap in the way it looks or even in the interiors department. A bit of off-roading would also be afforded by the Audi SUV with its 4 wheel drive system coming into picture. There would be a host of engine options to choose from and this would include both diesel and petrol motors. An expected hint at the pricing says that it would start from Rs 25 lakhs.

2012 Audi Q3

2012 Audi “S” cars:

Think of the M powered cars from BMW and the S cars from Audi makes sense. The S cars would essentially be the regular A4, A6, A7 and A8 but with more detailing and powerful engines. For starters, the 2012 S6 would come with a 4 liter engine having an output of 414 Bhp. The same engine will make its debut on the S8 with even a higher output of 513 Bhp. However, the RS5 would have a cheaper option in the S5.

2012 Audi “S” cars


The Bavarian has been in the forefront of many technological inventions and also launches in the Indian market. 2011 may have been a relatively quiet year for BMW but 2012 promises to be an even tamer one with only one launch and it would be for the 2012 BMW 3 series.

2012 BMW 3 series:

Recently BMW revealed the 2012 3 series and needless to say, it was much of an evolution rather than being a revolution as far as BMW designs are concerned. The codename for this one is F30 and it is expected towards the middle or end of 2012. More and more resemblance to the 5 series makes this car a delight for the first time buyer of the BMW brand. The current line of engines would more or less be retained but with more power and efficiency. Pricing can be debatable as any new product would encourage the manufacturers to price their products higher.

2012 BMW 3 series


GM’s wing in India could see some serious action in the coming year what with the Chinese partnership with SAIC would yield in more and more cost effective cars.

2012 Chevrolet Captiva:

The very capable Chevrolet Captiva would be given a new look and would mirror the face on the current Outlander. The head lamps would have a double barrel shape to them while the grille would be a new imposing one with the Chevy bowtie playing the part of the splitter. The tail lamps would also be clear lens. The revised interiors also would be a part of the package. Under the hood, a new 2.2 liter motor would make its debut and this one would get 184 Bhp of power. As expected prices would also rise and would be up by approximately Rs 1 lakh.

2012 Chevrolet Captiva

2012 Chevrolet CN-100:

GM has plans on taking on the likes of the upcoming Maruti Ertiga and also other MPV offerings in the market. Styling may not be its forte especially after knowing that it is after all a Chinese car. It would be a 7 seater MPV and its versatility can be vouched for the fact that its second as also third row of seats can be entirely removed and stowed away. There would be a choice of two engines including a petrol and diesel. A new 1.4 liter petrol engine and the Fiat sourced 1.3 liter multijet would be the choice. Expected pricing would hover around the Rs 6 lakhs mark.

2012 Chevrolet CN-100

2012 Chevrolet Sail:

GM earlier had the Sail brand name with Opel but now, this one would be a pure Chevrolet one. The Sail, even though, designed and developed in China, doesn’t feel like a Chinese product at all. Its plus point would be its interior space and also dimensions. Like the CN-100, even this one would have the same 1.4 liter and 1.3 liter engines preferably in different state of tunes. Moreover, the Sail would be using the same platform that its erstwhile German namesake used to use.

2012 Chevrolet Sail

2012 Chevrolet Cruze:

Chevrolet’s Cruze was a smash hit from the time it was launched and GM has finally decided to give it an upgrade. The power would be updated to the tune of 163 Bhp. The styling would be in sync with the current Chevy cars while GM would also be addressing the major gripe that owners had from it, the rear leg room and head room. A small price increase would also be in the offing.

2012 Chevrolet Cruze

2012 Chevrolet Sail Hatchback:

A formula that GM know it all too well is that smaller the car, the bigger are the volumes and also more market share. Just like the success of the Swift and the Dzire, GM would be launching first the Sail Hatchback and then the Sail sedan. The Sail Hatchback would feature the same engine options as the Beat petrol and diesel. Space would also be similar to what the sedan would provide for and infact would be a tough fight for the Liva and Etios. Pricing is expected to be around Rs 4-6 lakhs.

2012 Chevrolet Sail Hatchback

Force Motors:

The company has set its foot in the passenger SUV segment with the Force One and now, they are keen on launching a new MPV. Not only this, a new Force Trax is also on the anvil.

2012 Force MPV:

Based on the Mercedes Vianos, this new MPV would not only be stylish but also be a very comfortable MPV to begin with. It would be an 8 seater, meaning which the tour operators as also larger families should see it in their garages. The engine would be the same one as in the Force One. The transmission would also be the 5 speed unit from the Force One. Price tag is important and the Force MPV would most likely have a price tag similar to the Innova’s.

2012 Mercedes Vianos

2012 Force Trax:

The Trax was more like a rural people carrier and we hardly see it plying in the city roads. Force Motors wants to change this perception and hence there would be an updated Trax on the cards in 2012. Not only would the interiors be revised but the exteriors would also undergo major revisions. Powering the new Trax would be the same engine as on the Force One and this would make it a serious contender to be sold in metros as well. The Force Trax would retain its value for money stature even after these updates.

2012 Force Trax

2012 Fiat Punto Evo:

The Punto hatchback has been the mainstay of Fiat’s sales in India. However, apart from the engine revisions, Fiat have done nothing to improve the sales of the car. Even after the power upgrade, many found this car to be underpowered. So in comes some cosmetic upgrades as also more power. It would be called as the Fiat Punto Evo and would have a new head light, tail light as also interior combination. Power would also be increased courtesy a new ECU unit and would complement the car’s dynamics well.

2012 Fiat Punto Evo

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