Renault Modus would be the small car from the French manufacturer

Renault’s 5 car plans for India started out with the Renault Fluence and looks like would continue with the Modus. The Modus would be the company’s small car offering for the Indian car market. Most of the manufacturers make their money by investing in the small car market and it was prudent enough that Renault follow on the same lines. Renault has adopted the top down approach wherein they first launched a luxury car and now are gravitating towards the budget spectrum.

As it is, the internet is abuzz with sightings of this small car near Renault’s Chennai factory. Few have even identified it as the Modus with the sketches from the manufacturer’s European website coming in handy. Renault has two variations of the Modus and those are the Modus and the Grand Modus. It is most likely that the manufacturer would continue only with the former variant as the Grand Modus wouldn’t be financially a wise decision. As for the powerplants, Renault would be putting in a 1.2 liter petrol and 1.5 liter diesel motor under the hoods of this car. Like the Hyundai i20, the Renault Modus is an ultra safe car with the Euro NCAP ratings giving it a full 5 star rating. As early as this week, the Renault Modus would be launched.

Renault Modus in India

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