New Isuzu Dealership Opened in Pune

A new dealership has been inaugurated by Isuzu and will be the 27th dealership of the manufacturer in the country.

Located near the Mumbai-Bangalore bypass, it will provide sales, spares as well as service and will look to provide not only to passenger cars, but to commercial vehicles too.

This is part of Isuzu’s rapid expansion plans in India. Presently with dealerships in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and many other locations, they are looking to get a much greater reach in India.

Isuzu opens a new dealership in Pune

According to the Managing Director of Isuzu Motors, Naohiro Yamagachi, the company is seeing an increasing demand for pickup trucks in and around Pune. This is a result of the rapidly increasing industrial population through large MNCs and SMEs. The company has been doing extremely well in India with its line up of D-MAX pickups, which have enabled customers to get more out of their business. In addition to this, vehicles such as the MU7 offer a great, comfortable and powerful ride to SUV consumers. The company has been operating for three years now and has made remarkable progress in terms of bringing products to the table that are suited to meet the requirements of customers. The Pune dealership in Viraaj is an addition to that commitment of great sales and support services that are provided by the company.

In addition to existing dealerships, Isuzu also plans to open new dealerships and that will happen after the beginning of its localised production from Andhra Pradesh.

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