Volkswagen Announces Matthias Muller as Next CEO

The Volkswagen (VW) group have announced Matthias Muller as the CEO where he will be replacing Martin Winterkorn. Winterkorn resigned from his position following the emission scandal that has hit the company.

Mulller was seen as the frontrunner for the position ever since news of resignation broke and news agencies even quoted that he would get the job. He has also led Porsche in the past and this came amid various other major changes that VW announced with regards to its management structure.

Many key figures within the VW Group have also been suspended post the breaking of the scandal in keeping with the damage control mode that they have gone in to. The suspension will continue till a final investigation is made and an American law company has already been asked to take charge of investigations into the matter.

Volkswagen Announces Matthias Muller as Next CEO

As per Matthias Muller, his biggest task immediately will be to get back the trust of the public that VW appears to have lost and will look to leave no stone unturned in making sure of the same. They will also do their most to have a stringent governance and compliance standards within the industry and if it manages to do so, it would return from the crisis stronger than it had been before.

Volkswagen Announces Matthias Muller as Next CEO

Muller has been in charge of Lamborghini and Audi products since 2002 and has been responsible for all the VW Group product strategy since 2007, a move made by Winterkorn when he took the role of CEO.

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