New Rolls Royce to arrive in next two weeks

Rolls Royce is the world renowned marquee for building ultra niche luxury cars. Its brand name is enough to tackle any other competitor in the automobile fraternity. With the sparkling sales figure in 2012, this British carmaker is very much excited to launch some more luxury masterpieces.

Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, CEO of the BMW owned luxury brand confirms the announcement of a new product in the Rolls Royce upcoming two weeks. He also added that it will be launched at the Shanghai Auto Show in China. Thus, this new addition will help the brand to woo away dwindling sales of European market, which seems like customer’s interest for luxury cars is long lost because of the downturn in economy.

China had gate crashed the sales chart of every car manufacturer so everyone in the auto industry is luring Chinese market with their new offerings. Market experts expect China Auto Industry to take over the No.1 position in 2013, after finishing at 2nd in 2012 which is just next to US.

New Rolls Royce to arrive in next two weeks

Rolls Royce gripped its feet in Chinese territory by appointing some fresh dealerships over there. It already enjoys 15 touch points which are spread all over the Asia. Republic of China accounts for 1/3rd of the overall global auto sales which justifies the new handshakes of British luxury marquee.

No other informations are revealed about this upcoming newbie. We just came to know that Torsten tagged the new Rolly as ‘stunning’!

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