Next-gen BMW Z4 Concept Teased before Launch


BMW is all set to unveil the next-gen Z4 Convertible at the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance event to be held on 17th August. In fact, the company released a blacked out teaser image on its official Instagram handle a couple of days ago as well.

There have been a few spy shots of the new-gen Z4 doing the rounds on the internet as well. The Instagram post does not explicitly say that the car in question is a Z4, but the overall silhouette. Now, the car to be unveiled at Pebble Beach, whether it is a concept or a finished product, is yet to be known. The teaser image shows that it is a sleek-looking car which will sit low.

Reports suggest that the front end will be completely new and sport a fresh design with a sharp grille and pulled back headlamps. Of course, there are no photographs of the interior as yet, but reports suggest that the interior too will get a definite upgrade along with updated and a longer list of features.

The new-gen BMW Z4 is said to offer better performance than the model currently on sale. It will be lighter as well. there is no word on engines options yet, but we expect a lot more information to be revealed once the car is revealed at Pebble Beach later in the month.

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