Next Land Rover Freelander to get a new name

The next generation of the Land Rover will become the member of the extended version of the Discovery family. The new car will be based on the extended version of the Evoque platform is expected for a next year launch. The Freelander badge that appeared back in 1997 will be sacked.

Land Rover’s decision to build a family of the Discovery vehicle can be attributed to several considerations taken by the company. Probably the most important is the confusion that Land Rover suffers about brands. Although the company is known as Land Rover, Range Rover is also a well established brand name. The company currently sells three family of vehicles under the badge Discovery, Freelander and Defender, which are already a distinct brands in their own sub-categories.

2013 Land Rover Freelander
The Discovery replacement will be a new model that will be designed to create a family of rugged vehicles that will be made for everyday use and will be aimed at people who loves outdoor activities and adventures.  The new Discovery family will be topped by two flagship models that will be based on the all aluminum PLA architecture. These models will be followed by two other models that will replace the Freelander, they will be a seven- seater and another five seater.

Supporting the lineup will be another model, which if is given the go, will be a compact urban model that will be not much more than a four meter vehicle and will probably be based on the downsized Evoque platform.

The new models under Discovery Badge will be powered by four cylinder AJ-200 range of engines that will also include a supercharge petrol version.

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