Nissan extends its dealership count in India: Inaugurates fourth dealership in Kerala

It’s no new news that Japanese multinational automaker, Nissan, has been trying to extend its wings in India. The motives of the company can be justified by the way it is heading towards operating a chain of its dealership. In fact, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. added another name in their dealership list yesterday. Company officials formally inaugurated the latest dealership, which is company’s fourth dealership in Kerala. The dealership has been given to Kannur based Manumatic Nissan. The dealership stands up to every expectations in terms of 3S (Space, Sales & Service) requirements of the company, and is centrally located in Thottada in the city.

Vice President (Operations), Hover Automotive India, Mr. Manoj Kumar, was the one who formally inaugurated the fourth dealership in Kerala for Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. During the inauguration ceremony, he seemed optimistic about the future performance of the company and sales & service of its products. He quoted that Nissan lags nowhere behind in order to reach its customers so as to satisfy them in each and every aspect regarding their products, and that’s the reason why the company has been attempting to move as close to its customers as possible. The company has already opened over 64 dealerships in the past two years. He was hopeful that Manumatic Nissan would bring more customers to Nissan.

Nissan extends its dealership count in India Inaugurates fourth dealership in Kerala
Hover AutomotiveIndia is exclusive strategic alliance partner in India of Nissan. The company is responsible for handling Japanese automaker’s sales and marketing, dealer development, customer relationship management and after sales targets.

Nissan is one of the most famous and appealing brands amongst car lovers as it is one of those companies which offer a gamut of vehicles and that too while suiting various segments of the society at the same time. The best example of how appealing Nissan cars are, can be justified by the way Nissan’s locally made vehicles have made an impact on customers. Nissan Micra and Nissan Sunny have been quite appealing and have successfully caught attention of customers across the nation.

Apart from the above two famous product names of the company, Nissan offers various other cars in other segments as well. The automaker has an Urban class Utility Vehicle too on the cards. It’s the Evalia that is being anticipated to be launched later this year. Moreover, Nissan has made its mark in the SUV, sedan and sports car segments as well. The respective examples are Xtrail, Teana and 370z. It has been the Delhi Auto Expo 2012 that has worked in favor of the automakers, as the company marked a significant milestone in attracting young families towards its fleet of available cars in the Auto Expo. It’s the Delhi Auto Expo 2012, where Evalia was unveiled and was quite appreciated.

Recently, Nissan showcased its plans to introduce price entry vehicles under the brand name of Datsun. The company is working closely on the price entry vehicle brand. The upcoming launches of the company and its chain of dealerships are certainly expected to do wonders in terms of sales for the company.

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