BMW 320d Sport speeding towards India soon

We have seen and heard much about the BMW 3 series, especially the 320d model. The recent models that were launched in this series were the Highline and the Corporate 320d and have been seen here since early this year. For a while, we have been getting information about a brand new model to continue the 3-series and not knowing the name, it was rumored to be called F30.

The news was that this new model was to be launched sometime this year. And we now realize that the so called F30 is actually the much talked about BMW 320d Sport. Now this is a car that has already made its significant appearance in the global arena earlier this year. And finally, this amazing, state of the art, beautifully designed 320d Sport is coming our way to India. When you ask? There is less than a month to waitand it isdated to be on 19th July.

BMW 320d Sport speeding towards India soon

BMW, a brand that millions take pride in owning one of its cars, is renowned for its powerful technology that makes BMW cars exceptional like none other. The version of 320d Sport that is presently in UK contains 4 cylinder diesel engines that have been designed from rail technology. The mechanics at work in this system is very precise, where accurate doses of fuel are injected into the chamber that is placed under a consistent pressure of 2000 bar. This enables maximum efficiency of the car and also providing a luxuriously smooth drive. This engine provides 16.07 km per liter and goes up to a maximum speed of 1750 rpm. Statistically, this would enable the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in an amazing 7.6 seconds. Apart from the powerful engine, the car also takes care of meet the EU5 emission necessities, proving that along with style, luxury and power, the car is also considerate of the environment.

The BMW 320d Sport comes under the sixth generation design of the 3 series containing most of the features from the version that has been launched in UK. CKD route is going to be the usual assembler. This mega entry will be giving cars like Mercedes C class, Audi A4 and Volvo S60 a run for a change.

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