Nissan Friend-Me Concept Unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show 2013

Nissan was quite keen on its new concept that it had teased some days before, and to be true the unveiling at Shanghai Motor Show 2013 had made everyone tight lipped on the happening, as it was so glamorous and lavishing that no one dared to utter a word from their mouth.

Well, revealing the concept as of now, Nissan had unveiled Friend Me Concept at Shanghai, and is said to be targeting the youths who are in their early twenties, and do also share a cool sort of friendship among them. Looking at the vehicle one can say that it is a masterpiece of technology and looks like a piece of rocket on outside, but on inside their lies the actual game, interiors are done in a manner that all four passenger are connected together at a time and can have a look in all the technicalities of car simultaneously. Let us explain you how?

Nissan Friend-Me Concept Unveiled
A unique centre console is stretched from front to the rear, giving a visibility of screen to all four passengers at a glance and to be precise, anyone of them can change the music or so with the ordering panel slated at their sleeves. If one of them finds a cool content on his phone then he can share that too via the same communication channel with all occupants. This unique initiative is named termed as “Oracle-stone” by its makers and also learnt that more of advancements are too stored inside which may come to clarification when being rolled down under aura of production spec.

Majorly the actual performing tweak was inside, but exteriors also tend to have the right position when it comes to cues of designing. Being developed by Nissan Design China, it is a combo of edgy and swift flowing lines where the most of promises cannot be witnessed in daylight, a night ride will definitely envy up the neighbors in our automobile fraternity. With the V motion shaped front grille, more aggressive lines goes through the shoulders and ends up leaving sporty yet aggressive looks on first appearance, which looks like a familiar trait of the new generation youth; “but” a family pack too is not retained for the exceptional case.

Nissan Friend-Me Concept Interior
Technical specifications are not yet completely divulged but being pinned above the sedan platform, a 2.0L PureDrive hybrid powertrain is sufficient to zip through whacky roads of cities, and more importantly one may have a cruise like experience (of yachts) when he will be surfing on the highways.

“If there’s one thing we want Nissan to be known for, it’s uniquely powerful insight into what excites and delights customers across China,” said François Bancon, Division General Manager of product strategy and advanced planning at Nissan. “Friend-Me is just the beginning,” and that seems to be all true, most probably for men who are in their early 20s.

Nissan Friend-ME Concept Car Back View

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