Tips for Maintaining your Hybrid Vehicle

Definitely Hybrid vehicles costs a lot in comparison to the conventional fuel vehicles, but a question always come to everyone’s mind,who is in the process of deciding upon buying one, about the maintenance of a Hybrid vehicle. It is an evident fact that Hybrid vehicles are very much different than the regular vehicles that run on conventional fuel sources. Apart from the systems that tackle the storage batteries on board and the electric driven motor in addition, the routine chart of maintenance for these Hybrid vehicles are very much similar to the lock step check that you would like to do if you are suffering from diabetes. In short you do not want to miss anything at all if you want everything to be fine with your vehicle. If the Hybrid vehicles operate as they are designed (Completely Hybrid Vehicles) then they are self-capable to shut off their own internal combustion engines and start the electric driven motor. This happens under some particular situations like manoeuvring at low speed or light cruising. This way the engine doesn’t work very hard and the wear and tear is reduced to a large extent. Hybrids often get the batteries charged by employing the regenerative braking system, which also reduces wear on the components of the brakes.

The Difference

First of all the drivetrain is totally different here as the internal combustion engine works together with the electric driven motor and the transmission as one entity. Thus, malfunction or failure in one of these three components can affect the others in their way of functions for sure. The major diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair of this sophisticated system should be best left to the experts.

Maintaining Hybrid Vehicle


Without the specialized training, you can always check and change the spark plugs, air filters and fuel filters if and when so required. A regular check on the transmission fluid is a must. While checking the engine cooling system, do make sure that you check the individual hoses, clamps and pipes. The additional filters are to be checked as well as they might be utilised on the battery and motor heating/cooling system.

Tips for Maintaining Hybrid Vehicle

But getting in too deep of this complex mechanism of automobile is not at all advised. For any other doubts, you must take the vehicle to the service station and also make sure that the regular servicing is done in the proper time duration.

Complex Electronics

Complex ElectronicsThe sophisticated modules of electronics that commands the electric drive motor for regenerative braking and propulsion may produce immense volume of heat.Thus, these often have a set of dedicated cooling systems for smooth functioning and safety.

The module that controls the battery also regulates the rate of charge and discharge as well as the status of charge of the entire battery assembly. To function without any interruption at all conditions, these devices may often make use of both the cooling and heating systems.

Beware of the Orange to be safe

Equipped with double system of voltage, the Hybrid vehicles also create a threat of electric shock. Much of the electric system on a Hybrid vehicle is 12-volt safe standard.However, the electric drive motor and its related components function in more than 100-volts. Thus, the low and narrow safety threshold may pose a concern here. A low 50-volt electric shock can also be fatal if not prevented or treated timely. Wrapped in the casing of bright orange, these cables of high-voltage circuits warn the operators and the technicians. At the time of maintenance and repair of these particular components, for safety reasons, the whole system is de-powered. This kind of work is best only if it is left to the experts who know how to deal with this kind of ‘Orange’ risk.

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