Nissan India rolls out the fourth season of its NSBM programme

The most awaited part of the year, for every B-school student has finally arrived. Nissan India has started with its NSBM (Nissan Student Brand Manager) programme. This year , it is the fourth consecutive season of this programme. With each year, the number of colleges participating has increased. This year there are around 30 cities getting involved with this programme. The selected 30 candidates will definitely become a part of Nissan, but in addition, the winner will also bag a Nissan Micra.

The management students are trained in their academics to be the business stars of tomorrow. When academics are important, there is nothing like a practical lesson. Nissan decided to use these talented B schools students in a better way. It launched its NSBM programme which offered the management students a chance to exhibit their talent. The success of this idea is evident from the fact, that this year sees the fourth season of this programme.

For the fourth season, management colleges from 30 cities will be participating. The Nissan team is expecting this year, to have around 4000 entries. The candidates will be brought down to a final 30 students. These 30 students will work with Nissan to promote its brands in their own way. The students will have to endorse the brand in their college and social group, create events, plan out test drive days, and in several other ways, must add to Nissan’s popularity.

Nissan Student Brand Manager (NSBM) Program

The head of Hover Automotive India, Nitish Tipnis , said that, they invite the management students with the belief that they are the future of Indian Business. It also helps Nissan, as it gets involved with the youth. It also gives Nissan some genuine and modern endorsement ideas.

These selected students will be signed by Nissan for 6 months, during which they will work hand in hand with Nissan to promote its products. The students having passion for driving as well as automobiles will be preferred during the selection process.

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