Nissan Terrano engine would be near to 2500cc: Exclusive Scoop

Nissan Terrano is caught without any camouflage two days prior to the unveiling, but the sources close to us said, “engine specifications may not do with the Renault’s Duster 1.5L displacements”. Instead, Japanese carmaker would use some of the “2.5L displacements” or its “nearby calculations” to conclude the most. Though, the source from where we got this set of news is one of the Nissan’s service center executive, who is holding a key positions in the company, and is about to receive the training on same at a near future.

Well, as per to our specifications it may happen that Nissan would use the X-Trail’s engine also in the bay of Terrano if found lucrative for the costing context. But still our expectations remain on some dark clouds of the industry which will be revealed tomorrow as said.

Hope so, if Renault’s Duster rival Nissan Terrano may use the ‘said engine’ in its bay, then it is for sure the French Wine is going is soon going to face some of the strong hicks in its smooth sales flow which it is being quite addicted to for quite a long time. And looking at the aggressiveness of the Japanese carmaker for Indian market, it seems possible for them having something like this stiff rivaling curve in their kitty.

Nissan Terrano
So guys stay glued to us, we expect Nissan to make the most of it at the near future for its Terrano being engulfed with the larger than expected 2.0L or its elder engine sibling in bay.

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