Nissan to increase market share from to 3.6 percent by March 2014

Nissan India eyes to augment its market share from the existing 1.5% to 3.6% by March next year (2014).

Mr. Ajay Raghuvanshi, vice president of the company’s biz management section in India made declaration about this strategy while introducing the facelifted Micra hatchback as well as Micra Active.

Mr. Ajay Raghuvanshi also stated that they eyed to sell around 3000 vehicle units of the Micra on a monthly basis and this figure will consist of 70% the facelifted version of the vehicle and 30% of the Micra Active.

At this time, the Micra is exported to more than 100 nations from the Indian market and this will carry on with the newly launched edition.

As per reports, there are no proposals to export the facelifted Micra Active however such plan is not off the cards if there is demand stated Ajay.

Nissan to increase market share from to 3.6 percent by March 2014

When questioned on a diesel option for the Micra Active, Mr. Raghuvanshi stated that at the present time, there was no proposal to make such a car and once again stressed that if the demand rose up in the coming time, then they would proceed with the car.

He suggested that there were presently no proposals for a compact sedan based on the Micra (it does not exist internationally) but it might occur in the coming time.

While talking on the Nissan Terrano, he stated that it is a Duster replica and will have many of the new characteristics discovered on the altered Micra and will obtain a few kit thanks to it being pricier than the Duster.

During the occasion, Mr. Kenichiro Yomura, president and chief executive officer also stated that the company was functioning to revive the Evalia multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) in response to meager demand for the vehicle.

The refresh is likely to include cosmetic transformations both inside as well as outside with the aim to improve the multi-purpose vehicle’s numbers. It is also expected that they may diminish the cost to further assist their cause.

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