Rear pictures of Nissan Terrano revealed

Somedays back, Nissan India had displayed some exclusive sketches of their new project, SUV Terrano. Now it has displayed, on its official website, some images of the rear of this upcoming vehicle. Nissan Terrano is on the same lines as Renault Duster but Nissan has worked really hard on its features to impart a different look to the car.

Nissan Motor Company is actually a part of the Nissan Group but under the guidance of present CEO, Carlos Ghosn, it has emerged as a more independent group. In the year 2008, Nissan owned around 15% of shares in Renault S.A while Renault S.A held 43.4% of shares in Nissan. This was an outcome of a 2 way alliance that the two companies had formed in the year 1999. Another prominent attribute of Nissan is its VQ engine which has stayed on the “Ward’s 10 best engine” for 14 consecutive years.

Nissan Terrano II, commonly called as Nissan Terrano, is a medium sized SUV which was launched in the year 1993. The car was updated several times but no other generation of this car entered the market. It stayed in the market quite successfully till 2006 when it was discontinued. The internal model number given to this car was R20. The car was available in 2 models or rather body styles. There was a 3 door Terrano (shorter) and a 5 door Terrano (longer). The cars also differed in their wheel base.

Nissan Terrano Rear
Talking about the rear images of the upcoming SUV, they reveal a lot about its design. The front of the car has been modified enough to make it look different from the Renault Duster, it is inspired from. The vital differences are the dominant Nissan’s badge, honeycomb design, improved head lights, redesigned bumpers etc. The front thus looks more on the lines of Nissan X trail which will surely favour Terrano. Talking about the rear of the car, the images are showing split light arrangement. The boot lid too has received some light

The images show these crucial changes that have been made to the car’s exterior. It is being expected that the car will be pretty much the same in terms of power and performance. Nissan might redesign the interior as well. If it does so then the new Terrano might cost Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 more than a Duster.

No details have been revealed regarding the launch of this new Terrano SUV. Since Ford has just launched its Ecosport, it is expected that Nissan too might launch its latest venture soon.

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