Nissan to Use 1.2 GPa Steel for Reducing its Weight

Sometimes back, steel was used to build parts of automobiles but due to its limited application and heavy weighing postures it was excluded from the purchasing list of our automotive fraternity.

Contradicting to those terminologies, now Nissan had rolled out an initiative to use steel for reducing the vehicle’s weight. As per to them, 25% of the parts will be made out of it in future.

However, sorting out solutions to the setbacks of steel, this Japanese carmaker had came up with a new alternative and i.e. new 1.2 GPa ultra high strength steel. The 1.2 GPa retains all those frugalities but is characterized with greater elongation and higher degree of formability which is very helpful for settling it into various typical shapes.

Nissan to Use 1.2 GPa Steel for Reducing its Weight

Overall, the usage of the 1.2 GPa steel will reduce the weight of vehicles by 15%.

Nissan is planning to popularize it by 2017 and had also said, no heavy investment is required to modify the production line as per this material. Meanwhile, GM too is searching for such sort of innovations; must take cues from Nissan itself!

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