Nissan working on Juke based FR-S/BRZ competitor

Looking forward to fill the gap below its 370Z in its sports car lineage, Nissan is reportedly is working on developing a compact front wheel drive sports car to take on its rival Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

The new car is known internally as Mini Z, this small coupe uses the Juke crossover platform, according a source. The coupe will be powered by 1.6 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine. The all-wheel drive system with the torque vectoring could be a vital option to help car to match up better with the rear wheel drive cars like FR-S/BRZ twins.

The new Mini Z will be based on the traditionally stylistic conventions similar to the Juke, expect for a radical look that is outside the sports car norm.

Nissan working on Juke based FR-S/BRZ competitor

The project is actually a joint Japan-China effort, in which Japan will be responsible for the heavy lifting in the terms of development and china would be handling design and assembly part. It has been confirmed that China will be the car’s major market but will also be offered in Japan and Europe. But company has yet to decide on car’s availability in the US.

Although the development of the Mini Z is under its initial stage but the launch is possible as soon as late 2013. We are looking forward to have the base price around $22000.

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