Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars

Due to increase in awareness among people these days, they are becoming more conscious about environment and trying to do their much bit to help restore the environment. One of the prime factors that affects environment in every sense is use of modes of transportation. With growing economy and globalization cities are becoming more congested and people are travelling much more than before.

Another additional problem that people suffer from is the ever rising prices of fuel. In cities people used cars for reaching their workplaces, and other places of importance. So the solution for this entire problem can be use of hybrid cars. Now what is a hybrid car? A hybrid car is a vehicle that uses two or more distinct power sources to run the vehicle.

So with use of hybrid cars people not only save money on fuel and other non-renewable energy resources but also contribute to a greener environment. But before buying a hybrid car one to study the car and its aspects carefully as only this will help them make a wise decision.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars

Pros of hybrid cars

  • Reduced fuel cost: When you use a hybrid car, one can save a lot on fuel costs. The prices of fossil fuels increases from time to time and hence hybrid cars can be useful as one can switch from one source of energy to another as per given situation.
  • Efficient performance: These hybrid cars are designed efficiently. The build and the engines of the car are advanced and technological refined. Due to this these car deliver amazing performance than many other eco- friendly and conventional cars.
  • Helps Environment: Using a hybrid car reduces carbon dioxide emission by a shocking amount. This aspect helps you to restore the environment and also reduce the degradation. All this will only secure a healthy tomorrow to all.
  • Better use of resources: The use of cars is increasing at a high rate and with this use of conventional energy resources are not only depleting but also getting expensive. Hence by use of the hybrid cars the energy resources are put to better and efficient use.

Cons of hybrid cars

  • Costlier: Hybrid cars are any day costlier than most cars in the market belonging to the same class. The reason for being high priced is the fact that they use high- voltage batteries and two or more engines on board. The price can hence be hindrance for an enthusiast.
  • Resale value: The resale value of most hybrid cars is very low. Compared to conventional cars, hybrid cars fetch lesser resale value even after same amount of use.
  • Replacing parts: The costly high- voltage batteries that are used in these hybrid cars are required to be changed after fixed interval to maintain the cars functioning.
  • Risk Involved: In case of accidents the high- voltage batteries used in the cars can end up being very disastrous. They have a chance of blowing up which can lead to grave fatality.

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