No to Petrol on 1st July 2011

Automobiles are close to any automobile enthusiasts heart. But then the rising price of fuel is compelling many to actually sell their vehicles or keep them at home and use public transport. Looks like the Government of India doesn’t pay any heed to all this and infact, just two week back, the price of petrol was increased, once again in the same year. In protest of this, a “No Petrol” day is being observed pan India on 1st July 2011. It is said that the petrol companies stand to lose about Rs 4.8 billion on this very day if no one buys petrol from their outlets. The rates of petrol from some other countries like Pakistan stand at Rs 44.80, Russia at Rs 42.27, UAE at Rs 15.6, China at Rs 31.30, Saudi at Rs 5, US at Rs 44.2, Canada at Rs 57 and the one taking the piece of the cake is Venezuela with a ridiculously low Rs 2.12. Finally India stands at an all time high of Rs 70. All the prices are on a per liter basis.

Indiandrives joins the initiative of “No to Petrol on 1st July 2011” and all employees of Indiandrives and its fans are requested not to tank up on 1st July 2011.

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