Official Ford Spare-Parts Will Soon Be Available In Open Markets

In a bid to sour the battle for competitors, Ford India went unconventional and announced to make its spare parts available in open market for the ease of customers. This in return may lose the number of vehicles at the bay of service centers, but would definitely pump up the confidence of customers in the austerity of brand. The move may not be welcomed by other competitors and also its own service centers vendors, but it is entitled to bring smiles to the faces of open-garages and other mechanics. Availability of service parts availability in open-market will definitely notch the competition of Ford against the cost-effective cars from Maruti, Hyundai, Mahindra and Tata Motors.

Though, the aforesaid move will not only increase the numbers, instead it will also make the reach of Ford deeper in the veins of India where its service centers are located farer than the most of settlements.

Official Ford Spare-Parts Will Soon Be Available In Open Markets

However, from the Ford’s point of acceptance this strategy had received all internal clearances, but the company says, clearance from Competition Commission of India (CCI) is still pending, which too maybe received in the coming days. Just to brief about the CCI, it is a legal body that watches the automakers over unethical practices in the market over the sales of spare parts, which sometimes the companies charges supernatural amounts to customers for the spare-parts at their authorized bays and restricting the sales of it in the open market.

Hence, after a long test of time and trial, now Ford seemed to have hit the nail right on its head, as this move can literally bring down the maintenance cost and would allot it a place in the competition against the number-sellers.

Time and again, the truth will be revealed soon when the feedbacks from the customers will be seen positive and the sales numbers rising.

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