Patented Drawings of Lamborghini Urus SUV Leaked

Urus became the talk of town when it was previously rolled down as a concept at Beijing Auto Show last year. Beijing was the experimental platform for this super powered SUV. Without any doubts, it had received good response from spectators all over the world.

Studying some market speculations at that time we were abreacted with, nod for the production of bull raging SUV will given from Lamborghini end itself, as VW interference would not be its part. It was expected to enter the manufacturing bay in 2017.

As of now, a Chinese website which had bought patented images of the same, are now leaked on internet and creating a buzz that one will not have to wait till 2017 to get their hands on it, as production will start too early than our expectations.

Lamborghini Urus gets patented in China
Urus will be based on Audi Q7 platform and to be powered by a V10, just like the niche offering of Cayenne from Porsche.

However, Volkswagen seems to be riding the stride of luxury SUVs as also given green signal to Bentley EXP 9F Concept recently.

Lamborghini SUVLately, the Italian trimmed gas guzzler will use patented reinforced carbon fiber components along with aluminum and magnesium, in order to reduce weight for attaining more speed.

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