Tata trying to attract customers with after sales services

The Indian market has been very disappointing for the automobile manufacturers in the past few months. The reason for this can be the continuously decreasing value of Indian Rupee as well the increasing price of fuel. These are the two major factors which are hampering the car sales in the country. Automobile manufacturers are trying in every possible way to add to their sales and improve profits. Tata Motors is the next big name to join this list. In order to attract customers, Tata will be offering an array of after sales services.

Tata Motors is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the country. It deals in almost every segment of Auto industry. From commercial vehicles to passenger cars, Tata has a 4 wheeler to offer. It is also very popularly for its Tata Nano, the cheapest car. This year has not been very friendly for the company. It has seen a loss in almost all of its major segments. On comparing with the company’s performance in June 2012, this year has brought an overall decline of 18% in its sales. The MHCV section saw a fall of 12% this year. The passenger car segment saw the biggest set back with a decline of 32% this year. The exports also went down by 34.2% this year.

Most of the companies are trying to attract customers by offering some added benefits. Hyundai is providing discounts on i10 and i20 till 31st July. VW is offering EMI scheme to its customers. Ford has launched a new variant of Figo. Now Tata is trying to make some more place in the market by offering great after sale services to its customers. The services that will be offered include extended warranty on the purchase of the cars, and 24/7 assistance on car repairs. The company will also be offering customers a facility to take appointments online. It will also offer door step services to its customers. Some other services offered include automatic car wash, some experts diagnostics, quick repairs and many others.

Tata trying to attract customers with after sales services
This is the strategy that Tata Motors will be adopting to save its drowning vessel. It has been termed as Horizonext by Tata.

Recently Tata has been seen to be involved with only upgrading its existing models and not into launching a new car into the market. The company has launched 8 upgraded versions in all of Sumo Gold, Nano, Indica and Indigo eCS.

Hope this new strategy helps Tata Motors is strengthening its hold over the market.

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