Pre-owned car showroom Mahindra First Choice ltd opens 2 new dealerships

Two pre-owned car dealership have been announced in this New Year for the Delhites, by the front-runners in multi-brand pre-owned car companies, the Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd. Deals on wheels, is operating from the State Bank colony, Karnal road while the Sanbhav corporation is providing its services from the DDA shed, Okhla Industrial area.

The inauguration  for both the showroom was done at the hands of, CE0 Mr. Shubhabrata Saha of the Mahindra First Choice Wheels Ltd. At the inauguration function, the CEO was quoted as saying, that these new ventures are an attempt to increase the expansion of Mahindra’s footprint in the market-place in and around the capital city, which has seen rapid growth and has attained strategic importance in the companies scheme of things. He further elaborated by giving some of the statistical figures to prove his point, by pointing out the 20,000 cars a month demand in the Delhi NCR area.

On the part of Deals on Wheels, director, Saurabh Batra expressed his delight of aligning with Mahindra First Choice and providing its customers with a varied option for sale and purchase of pre-owned cars. The entire basket of services would be made available at these showrooms, insurance and car finance, assistance with documentation and paperwork along with fitment of accessories included.

The showrooms are spread across 1000 sq.ft and 800 sq.ft for Deals On Wheels and Sanbhav Corporation respectively with an additional parking space of 2000 sq.ft and 1200 sq.ft respectively, for the two new showrooms.

Being the only organized multi-brand undertaking on the block; the company has claimed to be the preferential choice of the pre-owned car buyers, with presence in over 80 towns across the country and operating 125 outlets. The company is on a major expansion drive and plans to open an additional 174 outlets in the coming three years. This will create a new market wherein a customer can choose from a variety of certified pre-owned vehicles across the country, which will also encompass the Tier-2 towns and metros as well as small cities. It was also revealed that the Mahindra undertaking also provides 24×7 road-side assistance and a warranty on its certified cars. Needless to say, that the warranty is specific to some important component of the cars and is subjected to terms and conditions. One benefit that accrues due to this warranty, which is instrumental in drawing more customers in to the fold, it gives a great deal of peace of mind to buyers in the event of a break-down of their car. The company has built up financial relations with NBFC’s and major banks. The syndicate bank has partnered with Mahindra First Choice to offer finance rate for consumer’s vis-à-vis a new car.

One thought on “Pre-owned car showroom Mahindra First Choice ltd opens 2 new dealerships

  1. guys, dont ever go with Mahindra WORST choice, they squeeze there customers big time. they do not gi ve you any warranty, everytime you have to fight with them for any warranty claims and even for the free service that they committ, is of no use. any road side guy selling second hand car is better than them. i had this bad experience when i purchased my car at Thane Mahindra First Choice. They claim that they are good, but guys they are amongst the worst ones in the auto business. guys everytime i had to leave my car fr 3 weeks atleast, all my plans with my family whic coincidently came over had been ruined because of them….

    Guys, if you do not want to get into trouble then do not go to them, they are lousy company as a whole.

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